Pre-Sales Service

 Service starts from before the sale by way of recommending correct configurations for required applications.

 Service continues with complete support and responsibility on all commercial aspects.

Post-Sales Service

 Service for the entire life of the equipment.

 Comprehensive stock of all spares to ensure maximum up-time.

Our Equipment List: Anesthesia machine, Aspiration/Suction Pump, Autoclave / Sterilizer, Blood Chemistry analyzer, C-Arm system – unit, monitor, table, Cast Saw, Centrifuge, Coagulation analyzer, Colposcopy Equipment, Computer equipment, CPAP/Humidifier, Diagnostic Ultrasound with probes, ECG/EKG, Infant Incubator, Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator, Surgical Table – surgical and delivery, Thermometer, Wheelchair, X-Ray equipment – portable, dental, mammography, X-ray view box, etc...

 Jehovah Rohi HealthCare guarantee quality steel and professional workmanship. Any Jehovah Rohi HealthCare that is determined to be defective or even not satisfied will be modified, repaired or replaced. Moreover we offer complete repairing & servicing of all surgical instruments made by any company. Our repair service includes;

 *Sharpening of scissors, Bone Roungures , Cutting Forceps, Kerrison Ronguers, Oestetoms, Gouges etc…

 *Re alignment of any instruments – right from Retractors to simple Mosquito Forceps.

 *Repairing of Arthroscropy and Laproscopy instruments.

 Do you have any condemned instruments that you think it can never be used again? JJ guarantee that we will get back its own shape, even better shape than the original.

 Surgical Instruments are designed to perform specific functions such as cutting,

 grasping, clamping, dissecting, probing, retracting, draining, aspirating, suturing, or legating. Surgical instruments may also be used to facilitate the insertion of surgical implants.

 The use of an instruments for tasks other than those for which they are indicated may result in damaged or broken instruments. Proper cleaning, handling, sterilization and standard routine maintenance (such as sharpening, if applicable) will ensure that the surgical instruments perform as intended and will extend their useful life.

 Jehovah Rohi HealthCare as manufacturers of surgical instruments felt the need of the hour for the proper Maintenance of Surgical Instruments. With number of surgeries increasing in every field, it will be very convenient if an annual maintenance contract is entered in every hospital so that the intricacies of maintenance can be left to the professionals who manufacture the same.

 Now, Jehovah Rohi HealthCare offers annual maintenance contract for all its customers, who uses SISCO surgical instruments. This Contract is aimed at providing the best service and personal care to all its customers.